Welcome to the World of Dangerous & Beautiful

Well where to start. Viper Brothers was established in 2016, although our founders had been keeping reptiles individually for around 15 years before that. It all started a couple years ago with a joke and far off dream we had of started a one of a kind reptile facility here in South Africa. Initially we started off my combining our collections and forming a brand. In the last 2 years we have grown significantly and have started to achieve many of our goals already. With a dream of running full time in a few years to come.


Our goal is not to become stinking rich from the hobby that we love but instead to give back to our animals and provide for them the best we can. We have a strong passion for these weird and wonderful creatures and ultimately we would aim to have each and every one of our animals in permanent bioactive set ups. As well as work with and hopefully breed species that aren’t always seen in the hobby.

Our aim in breeding is to supply both the local and international market with quality captive bred and born animals. Along the way, educating and helping grow our hobby as best we can.

We as a team can say without these absolutely incredible scaley creatures our lives would be pretty dull and boring. Not only for their beauty and appearance but all the way to their behavior, disposition and feeding routines. As well as research into their venom and how the venom works. We are absolutely fascinated and captivated it every way imaginable.

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Apart from the animals themselves we also work on and provide custom built living vivariums otherwise known as bioactive set ups. These we do standard sizes as well as custom built sizes to our clients specifications. And the inside of the set up is made to each species needs that will be kept inside. Trying to replicate their natural environment as much as possible. These Include, live plants, heating, lighting, running waterfalls as well as a clean up crew to keep the entire vivarium a living eco system. Misting systems can also be added. All in all the options are endless. The more creative the better. At the end of the day. Going the extra mile for these wonderful creatures always pays off.

We strive daily to constantly improve our way of doing things, always learning along the way and we hope to make a difference other people’s lives where we can.

Our main focus is venomous snakes but we go beyond and are not limited to that. Working with a wide range of venomous and non venomous snakes, as well as multiple species of lizard and gecko.

We also promote safe handling techniques that are both safe for us and the animals. We will also not sell venomous snakes to people without the relevant experience or under the age of 18.